Grow Together

TEGroup Joint Stock Company (TEG) was established on February 28, 2011 with the initial orientation of investing and trading real estate, undergoing the process of building and growing up to now. TEGROUP has overcome difficulties, gradually rising up, affirming and enhancing its position in the real estate market in Vietnam, affirming the trust of customers and partners. With Formula “TRUST – EFFICIENCY – CREATIVITY“, All production and business activities of the enterprise are aimed at building trust and bringing the maximum benefits of shareholders, partners and customers; Always dynamic, creative in the process of building and development; Consider it to be the core interest of the business itself. With the dedication and enthusiasm of the Board of Directors and solidarity, tireless efforts of all staffs, TEGROUP Joint Stock Company believes in achieving customer satisfaction, trust the partners and investors, strive to become one of the leading prestige brands in Vietnam in the field of real estate.

TEC Group


Inheriting the fundamental values of the same industry, TEGROUP Joint Stock Company is always aiming to create new products that are boldly creative in line with the development of the times and for a community of well-being. Blissfully, prosperously, striving to become a leading brand in the field of real estate, OUR LAND hold firm belief of the customer.


Provide valuable and useful products for society; Increase and align the interests of shareholders and partners; Build a favorable environment for employees to strive and succeed;

Core Values

Human Force Development

Integrity – Professionalism – Solidarity

Provide valuable and useful products for society

Sustainable development is associated with the interests of shareholders and the community.


Development Milestones

Business Partners

Accompany and connect with development partners